Catalyst Spring/Summer 2018

Catalyst Spring/Summer 2018

Inside this edition of Catalyst Spring/Summer 2018:

Dr. Alex Touchstone

Increased Production by 48%: Going Digital is a Beautiful Thing

Adding a Cone Beam (CBCT) to Dr. Alex Touchstone’s practice increased production numbers by 48%. Now that’s impressive! Clearly, he made strategic decisions to experience that magnitude of growth. Learn how incorporating digital dentistry can help grow your practice too. (Read more…)


The Digital Dentistry Divide

The dentistry divide – just as technology continues to change every aspect of the world around us, it has, and will continue to revolutionize the dental world and improve dental care. The first step to crossing the digital dentistry divide is to embrace this non-negotiable fact. (Read more…)


Are You Ready to Save?

Quality care paired with cost savings allows a dental practice to flourish through the Supply Savings Guarantee program. (Read more…)


Taking Routine Cases and Making Them Quicker and Easier

When evaluating new dental technology for our office, I’ll look at several factors to decide if it’s something I will invest in. Will this technology help me do things I do now better or faster? (Read more…)


Investing in your Practice, Tips from our Experts

As a wealth manager to dentists, I never forget the most valuable income-generating asset is your dental practice. It is the primary engine driving your long-term success, allowing you and your family to achieve both professional and personal financial goals. Investing in your dental practice is the absolute best decision you can make. (Read more…)


Burkhart Believes in Giving Back

Burkhart believes in giving back – it’s part of our culture. With branch locations spanning as far east as Oklahoma and West to our Washington State headquarters, we enjoy supporting communities where we live and work. (Read more…)