Smilers Aligners

A Better, More Reliable Aligner


Smilers Aligners 2

Smilers Aligners

Millions purchase aligners every year, with many buying directly from aligner clubs without dentist oversight. Smilers Aligners provide everything you’ll need to win back patients and attract new ones, and you can charge the same fee as the clubs. You can now offer better aligner therapy that gives you total control of the procedure, and provides better results. You’ll not only have happier patients, but far more of them. Become a Smilers Dentist today.

  • More transparent and stain resistance than leading brands
  • Every case is planned by an orthodontist
  • Every aligner is “scallop” cut and hand polished for greater patient comfort and bacteria resistance
  • Accepts files from all intra oral scanners
  • Allows for root segmentation for a safer and more predictable treatment
  • Three material gauges to customize movement









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