Successful Team Communication

Morning Meeting Agenda

Focusing on a “patient first” philosophy builds resiliency for your practice while creating an ideal experience for your patient. A satisfied patient is the best business strategy of all.


Administrative Team

Hygiene Team

Assistant Team


  • Identify financial challenges and patients who need to meet with them
  • Next available DDS and RDH opening
  • Patients who should not be pre-scheduled
  • Targeted patients to ask for referrals
  • Questions for the FO team for patient follow up
  • Outstanding treatment
  • Patients that need to transition to a perio code
  • Times support is needed (pcht, etc.)
  • Personal notes to celebrate with the patient (birthday, etc.)
  • New patient notes –who referred, special concerns
  • Any changes to treatment
  • Preps that need BWX or IO photo prior to treatment
  • Lab cases that need immediate follow up
  • Chair conversions
  • Timing challenges
  • Personal notes to celebrate with the patient (birthday, etc.)
  • Begins the meeting on time
  • Identify time for emergency patients
  • Treatment clarification if needed for DA team members
  • Ends the meeting on a positive note


  • Create better organization in planning the day instead of just letting it happen
  • Know patient needs in advance and can see that supplies and lab cases are present
  • Confirm necessary supplies and all lab cases present
  • Increase productivity and profitability by having the entire team aware of patients who have not scheduled. Using the information to motivate patients to accept treatment.
  • Improve team morale by deciding who needs support throughout the day and assigning a person to assist. Additionally, an opportunity to greet each other!
  • Effective handling of emergencies because the clinical team is involved in selecting the best time



  • Doctor to lead prior to the first patient appointment of the day
  • Entire team required to attend
  • Accomplished in approximately 15 minutes
  • Clinical team has previously reviewed patient charts for the day’s treatments, outstanding treatments, and lab cases
  • Administrative team has checked messages and updated the schedule with any changes
  • Each team member has an updated copy of the schedule for their notes




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