Hygiene Protocols

Prioritize Hygiene Downtime Responsibilities

Patient-related tasks are always the first priority but it’s important to prioritize responsibilities for downtime in the hygiene team.


Hygienist-Only Tasks

  • Assist additional hygienists with charting needs
  • Provide anesthetic (where allowed) for the Doctor
  • Complete chart notes for patients seen within the same day
  • Confirm posted hygiene treatment matches treatment provided for the day
  • Review charts for next day (outstanding restorative and periodontal treatment, periodontal charting, radiographs)
  • Call outstanding periodontally-involved recare patients to schedule a hygiene appointment
  • Make post-op calls for periodontal therapy patients treated within the week
  • Assist in sterilization
  • Manage hygiene instrument ordering system
  • Oversee hygiene home-care aid supply ordering
  • Sharpen instruments, including curettes on Doctor’s crown seat trays
  • Manage hygiene quality control systems


Hygiene-Delegated Tasks

  • Expose digital images (where allowed)
  • Operatory set up/room turnover
  • Polish/floss/home-care instructions (where allowed)
  • Sterilization
  • Restock operatories
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Maintain supply tag system
  • Process new orders as they arrive, restock, and update the tag system


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