Developing Leadership Skills

Practice Vision Statement

The first step in honing your leadership skills is to create a vision for your practice. It will provide clarity for you and inspire your current and future employees.

Work through your vision statement. You can use the example vision statements below to get you started. Speak from your heart as you put together this document. This statement will be shared with current and future staff members, but not with patients. This allows you to address financial goals, patient care objectives, and leadership goals. The vision statement becomes a critical document that expresses your practice culture as you hire new staff members.



Example Vision Statements



Work hard, play hard, and enjoy what you do! The practice culture is centered on honesty, fairness, sincerity to others, and remaining true to myself.



To stay on the cutting edge of new information and technology when it is proven to improve the quality, esthetics, longevity, and efficiency of patient care.

The physical space is an extension of myself and my home and should be warm, clean, calm, and inviting.

This practice will be my legacy to the next generation or owner and provides a financial vehicle for retirement and the opportunity to continue developing skills. The practice benefits from the collective minds of the staff yet ultimately expect individuals to increase their personal value by taking initiative and seeking opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute.



Our staff are accomplished leaders and professionals. This professionalism frees my time to work on the future of the business and not be tasked with micro-management duties. I maintain an open-door policy and appreciate straight forward communication. Don’t expend energy trying to interpret body language or guess my thoughts.

I compensate people well and expect high-quality, hard-working, efficient staff members. I treat staff members fairly, but not equally. Those that contribute at a higher level will be rewarded for their efforts at a higher level. Our culture expects staff members to remain supportive of one another and maintain a high level of confidentiality in regard to patients and our practice. Voicing challenges and conflicts are welcomed and must be balanced by bringing potential solutions.




First, all services provided by myself and my staff, are in the best interest of and benefit to the patient. It is my goal to provide my patients with the dental treatment they want, have value for, and is functionally and aesthetically pleasing.

I have a supportive, self-directed staff who are efficient, effective and value their roles in the practice. I want to compensate them generously and have them feel integral in the practice administration.

I am able to concentrate on patient care without dealing with minor administrative issues. We have in place effective systems for patient flow and administrative questions. I am content with my level of compensation and the levels of practice overhead.

My vision is to strive for personal and professional growth for myself and my staff. I want our advancement to be measured in improved skills and character. Monetary gains are to be evaluated but are secondary. Success shall be gained by enjoying the process of accomplishing our goals. Our reward is to understand our years of service have resulted in benefiting ourselves and others. Ultimately, for us to know we are enriched for having worked together and contributed to each other’s growth.




To present and undertake ideal, comprehensive dentistry for all patients and to achieve their goals as best and quickly as possible.




To have an ideal dentistry coordinate with an ideal schedule to maximizing profitability, minimize stress, and make an ideal work environment for all.




A person’s smile is their greatest investment. We are honored when a patient chooses us to be their partner, in order to achieve superior dental health. We earn the respect and trust of those we serve by listening, showing empathy, and providing quality dental care in a comfortable, professional setting.




To provide caring, gentle, excellent service for optimal oral health following the Golden Rule: Do to others as you would have them do to you.




Our practice is committed to providing quality comprehensive personalized care by listening and showing empathy in a comfortable and professional setting. Every patient deserves our very best.




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