Handpiece Repair

Are you in need of dental handpiece repair services?

Look no further than the Burkhart Handpiece Repair Center (HRC). Our dedicated team of skilled technicians is passionate about delivering top-quality repair work. Whether you require repairs or replacement parts, trust the Burkhart HRC to take care of your dental handpieces, usually in less than half the time it takes to send them to the manufacturer.

Our team of skilled technicians works closely with manufacturing partners to ensure they have the proper training and tools to repair your handpiece to the manufacturer’s specifications.



What Makes Us Different


Quick Turnaround

We can repair handpieces faster than sending them to the manufacturers.

Specialized Technicians

We work closely with manufacturers to properly repair handpieces to manufacturer specifications and keep up to date on training.

Flexible Care

We provide an estimate before performing any work or make any needed repairs immediately. You mark the intake form with your preference.

Convenient Shipping

We provide shipping labels and boxes to make sending handpieces for repair convenient. Pack it, label it, return it, we got it!

Replacement Options

We offer both OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and non-OEM repair parts so you have more options.

Warranty on Repairs

We match the manufacturer warranty on parts for OEM repairs. For non-OEM parts, we offer a 6-month warranty.

Trade and Save

Trade in ANY handpiece, in any condition, get either:

  • Arete Air-Driven High-Speed Quick Connect Handpiece* for $525 *Available in Kavo, NSK, or W&H connections
  • Arete High-Speed Non-Optic 4-Hole Fixed Back Handpiece for $275


Arete High Speed Non-Optic 4-Hole Fixed Back

Trade-Up Price $275 (Retail $699)


Arete Air-Driven High-Speed Quick Connect Handpiece

Trade-Up Price $525 (Retail $1,095)

  • Small Head: 72726002, 72726003, 72726004
  • Medium Head: 72726005, 72726006, 72726008
  • Large Head: 72726009, 72726011, 72726012