Quality care paired with cost savings allows a dental practice to flourish through the Supply Savings Guarantee program.


Tiffany Ingram, VIP Smiles’ Office Manager shares: “After communication issues with our previous supplier, we decided to work with Burkhart Dental Supply. Dr. Shad Ingram met Ann Arrington, our Burkhart Account Manger, through an outside connection. He was impressed with her and the Supply Savings Guarantee (SSG) program Burkhart offers, and asked her to come by our office to explore them further. She presented opportunities successful with other clients while allowing us to maintain our preferences in areas we believed remained the best fit for our office.

The combination of working with Ann and getting comparable or lower prices with guaranteed savings was very risk-free and appealing, so we decided to give it a shot.


The impact of a great Account Manager

We really appreciate the quarterly updates Ann provides which allows us to track our costs and savings. It’s great we don’t have to ask for it, wait for six months to finally get it, or even have to think about it in the first place. We always know where we stand with our supply costs through the SSG program, which is extremely comforting.

Working with Ann is AMAZING! We have worked with several reps in the past and experienced all the extremes that come with it; she was definitely a key factor when we decided to switch to Burkhart.

A few areas where she brings real value are:

  • Helping keep our costs low—not overstocking or understocking
  • Keeping us aware of new products that also help with costs, efficiency and time
  • Following up on requests, even informally or in passing
  • Sharing endless research on topics we just don’t have time for
  • Informing us about CE that could be beneficial to our office efficiency and production

We are happy to say, since partnering with Burkhart—and with Ann’s help—our supplies have become very organized, which has relived Dental Assistant “hording.” She set up a new tagging system and updates tags with every order which has helped us successfully reduce our supply costs.


An Account Manager…No—a GREAT Account Manager—must be a team player, it’s essential.

They should be able to make strong recommendations to ensure your office is up-to-date with digital technology equipment while helping prevent things slipping through the cracks. It’s also important they kindly allow you the freedom to discuss challenges or concerns.

Ann is the definition of a GREAT Account Manager, and we appreciate her support in areas outside of managing our supplies. For example, she brought in implant trainers to help us expand our patient services, an offering we wanted to add to our practice. She has also scheduled maintenance training for our team to help reduce costs.


We consider Ann a valuable member of our team and are so grateful for her tireless work on our behalf; she is always there for us.

We can’t express our appreciation enough. We had a bad experience with a previous rep from another supplier. So much of our time was dedicated to managing another company’s employee. It didn’t seem right, and we are grateful we were able to find someone who’s as committed to doing a great job for her clients as we strive to do for our patients.

I also need to give a shout out to Scott Orris, our Burkhart Service Technician. Equipment maintenance costs can be paralyzing to a dental office. He is so helpful and we appreciate that he allows us to do what we can—and if things are above and beyond our current means, he is ready and willing when we’re ready. He is kind and easy to talk to, never getting frustrated with our many questions.” 

A Message from Ann Arrington

Burkhart Account Manager, Salt Lake City, Utah Branch

Thank you Tiffany for your kind words.I’m grateful you’re able to experience the value I and my Burkhart team strive to bring to your practice.

Tiffany, VIP Smiles’ Office Manager, really keeps the practice running smoothly.Each week as I visit their office, I’m impressed with both her leadership and organizational skills. She is always eager to learn and open to new ideas. She and I get along famously because she’s a great communicator. It’s a team effort and I love being a part of their team!

VIP Smiles team and Burkhart Account Manager

Left to right: Tiffany Ingram, Dr. Rick Ingram, Dr. Shad Ingram, Ann Arrington

VIP Smiles, Burkhart Supply Savings Guarantee Client

Dr. Clive Ingram opened his third practice, VIP Smiles in 2000 with the hope his sons would join him. This came to pass as brothers, Shad and Richard Ingram both opted to begin their careers at VIP Smiles upon graduation in 2005 and 2006. Dr. Clive has since retired and about five years ago Dr. Shad Ingram and Dr. Richard Ingram became co-owners of the practice.


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Written by Tiffany Ingram, Office Manager, VIP Smiles


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