Fast growth for Bozeman, MT – ranked the fastest growing micropolitan area* in the U.S. – mean fast growth for area dental practices.

Relocating to the rapidly developing town of Bozeman, MT or a small town in your area could mean a rapid growth experience like these four practices. Teaming up with Burkhart, each practice invested in expansion. Take a glimpse into their process and their new spaces. Learn how to plan for growth and the key steps needed to expand right along with a booming town like Bozeman.

“Not only is up-to-date equipment and technology important to the success of dental practices,” says Klint Croucher, Burkhart Equipment Specialist for the Bozeman area, “but so is their image and having a modern, professional, and appealing office. Patients often judge a practice based on the impression they get when they first walk in the door,” he says. “Investing in a practice can pay off big if you do it right,” he adds. “We’re very proud of several of our Bozeman clients. They’ve really invested in their practices and it’s paid off for them. Their practices have become more profitable and healthier.”


Dentists in front of Welcome to Bozeman sign

Left to right: Dr. Jason Tanguay, Dr. William Samson, Dr. Shannon Jones, Dr. Lindsey Hallern, and Dr. David Bowen.


An Environment that Feels like Family – Dr. David Bowen, Bozeman Family Dentistry

Dental Ethics are Important – Dr. Shannon Jones, DDS

Family Owned & Operated – Dr. William Samson, Summit Dental

A Uniquely Flavored Dental Office – Dr. Jason Tanguay & Dr. Lindsey Hollern, Mint* Dental Studio


*The U.S. Census Bureau ranked Bozeman as the fastest growing micropolitan area (under 50,000 people) for 2018 and 2017.

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Written by Denise Ploof
Photo by Monica Samson

Published in CatalystSpring/Summer 2020.


Category: Office Planning & Design

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