Catalyst Summer/Fall 2019

Catalyst Summer/Fall 2019

Inside this edition of Catalyst – Summer/Fall 2019


Where Vision + Reality Meet: Huge Benefits for Patients at Wilkinson Dental

At Wilkinson Dental, the doctors’ and staff’s passion is to provide the personalized treatment patients deserve. Through continued training and investment in state-of-the-art technology, the general dentistry practice in Springfield, Missouri, provides comprehensive care from general dentistry to cosmetic services. In 2018, the practice celebrated 20 years in Springfield. (Read more…)


The High Achiever Dilemma

There are many challenges that come with being a dentist, consider these three self-care tips as way to help maintain balance in your life. (Read more…)


Advanced Family Dentistry: Significant Savings Achieved Through Burkhart’s Supply Savings Guarantee

Dr. Craig Lowrie, a Burkhart client, saves over $17,000 in his first year with Burkhart’s Supply Savings Guarantee program. (Read more…)


The Need For Basic And Advanced Training In Dental Sleep Medicine

Back in the early 1990’s implant dentistry was the new area, and everyone was taking continuing education and learning about both surgery and restorative therapy for dental implants. Fast forward to 2018 and Dental Sleep Medicine Education is the hot area in dental continuing education. (Read more…)


How Dental Sleep Medicine Rewarded Me

“I was looking at the subject so wrong! I was trying to stop my patients from snoring, but I really needed to help them breathe!” One doctor’s journey to Dental Sleep Medicine. (Read more…)