TIPS March/April 2022

TIPS March/April 2022 – What Do Patients Really Want?

What Do Patients Really Want – TIPS March/April 2022

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A recent article in Today’s RDH highlighted 10 things patients want when choosing a dental provider. Here’s a summary, plus a couple of thoughts on how your Burkhart Team can help you build a practice patients love:

  1. No wait times
  2. Friendly staff
  3. Appointment reminders
  4. Financing options
  5. Explanation of treatments
  6. Personalized recognition
  7. Follow-up calls
  8. Online presence
  9. Safe environment
  10. Authentic experience

You’ll notice that several of these points relate to organization and efficiency. In organized practices, for instance, appointments generally run on time. The staff is less stressed with more time to focus on providing quality care. While most offices are well-organized, embracing a higher level of organizational effectiveness enables you to deliver truly exceptional patient experiences, which is how you’ll be able to differentiate your practice from others. This is where your Burkhart Account Manager comes in. They can make product recommendations right for your specific practice — products designed to maximize efficiency and deliver superior results that can take you to that next level.

Other items on this list relate to patient communication. Using technology in a way that creates a solid connection with your patients, rather than insulating you from them, is important. It’s the human touch, enabled by technology, that is the key to success. An example would be appointment reminders and follow-up calls. If done personally, they can be powerful opportunities to strengthen the relationship between your team and patients. A well-designed website and social media presence are other ways to build strong connections and show how you can meet the needs of both prospective and existing patients. For guidance in these areas, our Practice Support Team can provide you with resources and best practices to bolster your outreach and communication strategies.

In all, your Burkhart Team is here for you, ready to offer customized solutions and advice with the goal of making your practice the best it can be. Please call us today and let us know how we can help you build greater practice success. On a final note, I would encourage you to read the full article mentioned above.



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