Year-End Buying Guide

Year-End Buying Guide

We carry equipment to support your needs, reflected above in our 2018 Year-End Buying Guide: Digital, Operatory, Mechanical, Sterilization, and Small Equipment.

You’re important!

Burkhart’s commitment to your success is our number one priority. We are constantly asking ourselves, “What’s getting in the way of our clients’ ability to do what they do best”?

We recognized the impact technology was having on you and your practices. In some cases, the impact was positive while others were, in fact, disruptive.

Our concern for helping you choose and integrate technology successfully lead us to create the Proven Solutions Center (PSC).

Over the last couple years, the PSC has tested, evaluated and supported the launch of new technology products, as well as certified existing technology solutions, to ensure you have
a positive practice experience with your technology purchase.

We have identified these products in this year’s Buying Guide, with the Proven Solutions Certified stamp below.

Let us help you make the BEST purchase to keep your practice growing!

Continued success,

Michael Norton Signature

Michael Norton
Director of Equipment and Technology Sales

Burkhart's Proven Solutions Center Integrates Technology & Assures Quality


Learn More Burkhart’s Proven Solutions Center tests and evaluates digital dental equipment – find out what products we’ve supported on our Proven Solutions Center page.