TIPS November/December 2021 – Do More With Less

TIPS November/December 2021 – Do More With Less

Do More With Less: New Restorative Products that Do More – TIPS November/December 2021

Dr. Jorge Zapata on Universal Adhesives – Page 11

Our cell phones are single devices that do so much more than allow us to make and receive phone calls. They are calculators, calendar organizers, flashlights, video and still cameras, encyclopedias, and much more; how convenient and efficient it is to have one device that does all this in a small, easily accessible package.

Over the last few years, we have seen universality come to restorative dental materials. Universal resin cements, bonding agents, and composites are replacing the myriad of alternative, specifically purposed materials:

  • Single bottle universal adhesives provide effective performance with one-step, one-coat convenience, support of total-etch, self-etch, and selective-etch techniques, and elimination of primers.
  • Universal resin cements offer a wide variety of applications that don’t require etching, priming, or bonding.
  • One shade universal composites that rely on a strong “chameleon effect” blend in very well with surrounding tooth structure to produce a great esthetic result without the challenges of shade matching and the need for multiple shades of the material, many of which would be seldom used.

With fewer products doing more, your office can streamline its inventory of products, eliminate waste from shades/materials that are seldom used, and work more efficiently. The resulting cost savings and increased productivity can be significant and beneficial, especially in times like these.

As you look at the materials you are using and how to reduce costs and enhance productivity, ask your Burkhart Account Manager about some of the newer universal materials that may help. They are there to help make your practice more successful and your professional life easier.



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