TIPS March/April 2021 – Unmask the Power of a Brighter Smile

Unmask the Power of a Brighter Smile – TIPS March/April 2021

High Performance, Made Brilliant – Pages 10-12

There’s Power in a Smile – Pages 14-17



With the pandemic still a major factor in our lives, we continue to find a need to do things differently. Many are working from home, do more video conference calls, spend more time with a small group of loved-ones either live or on FaceTime, wear masks when we go out, and so on.

Does this mean your patients have stopped caring about what their smiles look like? Not at all. In fact, on the contrary, consciousness about looks is as high as ever. As we watch ourselves during a video conference or remove our masks in front of our loved ones, we think about how we look to others. We are seeking to find some pride and pleasure, especially during this challenging time. A bright, white smile can be the powerful confidence booster we all need.

You may already offer a whitening program for your patients, now is the perfect time to emphasize it. But is it the same old program you have offered them for years or is it new, exciting, more attractive, and engaging? Have you looked at some of the newer whitening technologies to help reduce patient and staff chair time, making the treatment process even more efficient, lucrative, and financially attractive to your patients? For instance, pre-filled trays and whitening strips can eliminate the need for custom bleaching trays. Small portable lights can enable in-office whitening without keeping the patient in the chair. Relatively inexpensive portable personal lights can even be taken home for maintenance whitening.

Now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your whitening program and freshen it up with the latest technology that will be even more appealing to your patients. In this issue, you’ll find an article from Burkhart’s Practice Support Team to help guide you (see Page 14-17). We offer a number of affordable state-of-the-art alternatives to the system you may have been using for so many years. Your Burkhart Account Manager can help identify the system and related marketing support materials to take your program to a fresh new level and contribute to your practice success. Let us help today!


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