TIPS March/April 2018 – Bioactive: A Game Changer in Restorative Dentistry

Trends, Innovations & Product Solutions – TIPS March/April 2018

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Bioactive: A Game Changer in Restorative Dentistry


Have you made the switch to bioactive materials yet? With the growing number of products formulated to be bioactive, there are many opportunities to reap the benefits of this emerging technology for composite fillings, base/liner applications and cementation.

What does it mean when a material is bioactive?

Rather than being passive, this class of material is dynamic. In the presence of saliva, it stimulates a biological response that forms a layer of apatite and a natural bond between the material and the tooth.

Because these materials are moisture friendly and transport water, they support a continuous exchange of essential minerals like calcium, phosphate and fluoride between the saliva, tooth and material. The apatite formed seals the tooth structure; penetrating and filling micro-gaps, reducing sensitivity and inhibiting secondary caries.

There are an ever-increasing number of products coming into the market for a variety of applications.

Your Burkhart Account Manager can help you identify the best value, easy-to-use bioactive solutions to meet the needs of your practice.


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