TIPS July/August 2018 – Caries Management In Children And Adolescents: New Tools

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Caries Management in Children and Adolescents: New Tools


From the time their first primary teeth emerge, the fight to keep those young smiles healthy and teeth cavity-free begins.  There have been many tools created and employed that help us with this such as fluoridated water, fluoride rinses, foams, gels, and fluoride varnishes to name a few.  Regular dental check-ups are certainly important also!  But what happens when these fail?  We have all heard of cavity prone kids.

When faced with the challenge of a cavitated caries lesion in a primary tooth, our minds go to trying to address the issue in the least invasive way possible.  Rather than drill and fill, several products on the market allow decay to be arrested, thereby preserving more tooth structure and enabling a less traumatic treatment process for these very young patients.  Infiltrant materials like DMG’s Icon and the newest, a silver diamine fluoride product from SDI, Riva Star, are great examples of newer tools for minimally invasive caries treatment and management.

With new options coming onto the market, your Burkhart Account Manager can help you stay abreast of the expanding array of options that can enable you to manage caries better and less invasively.  Contact your Account Manager today to learn about the latest products for treating your youngest patients.


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