TIPS January/February 2021 – Increasing Focus: Creating A Better Experience

Increasing Focus: Creating A Better Experience – TIPS January/February 2021

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Let’s all breathe a sigh of relief 2020 is over and a fresh new year has begun…but unfortunately, some of the challenges of the past remain. As Albert Einstein said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” The new year should prompt us to re-evaluate what we do and how we do it to get better results.

Creating a focus in your practice can lower stress and anxiety. It creates more time for you and your team to give your patients outstanding experiences to keep them coming back. It also allows them to encourage family and friends to seek you out and opens the possibility for your patients to post great online reviews.

Two easy ways to gain greater focus:

Consolidating Purchases

You likely don’t have a dedicated Purchasing Department to place orders with numerous suppliers, handle returns and credits, etc. Using as many products as possible from a single source can greatly simplify ordering and returns and redirect staff focus on patient care. It also can allow you to save substantially on shipping costs. Your Burkhart Account Manager is readily available to help identify products that perform as well or better and at an equal or better price point than those available from other suppliers. To help you identify and evaluate these comparable products, we have put together the Compare & Consider Guide included in this issue. It shows exactly how these products compare with others not available through Burkhart to help you consolidate and find the right products. This guide also features attractive promotional pricing as an added incentive to try the products.

Incorporating New, Productivity-Improving Products

Lately, several manufacturers have focused on bringing out products that do more with less. For example, composite systems with a smaller selection of shades, but an enhanced chameleon effect, save time and reduce the amount of product you need to keep on hand and blend beautifully with the surrounding dentition. One-step bonding and cementation products are other examples. There is even a product featuring a self-adhesive composite hybrid that combines the properties of resin composites and glass ionomers with self-adhesion. This enables you to fill cavities to any depth without the need for etching, bonding, and layering, so you can focus more on the patient experience and less on the complexity of a procedure. There are, of course, many other innovative productivity-improving products. Your Burkhart Account Manager can help guide you to those most valuable to your practice.

Don’t miss these and other opportunities to improve your focus and productivity in the new year as we continue to rebuild from the challenges of 2020.


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