FIT® System

Planmeca FIT System 1

Warp-speed scanning, micron-measurable accuracy, and unparalleled versatility are now available in a chairside CAD/CAM system perfect for any general dental practice. This system is comprised of three highly advanced components, the Planmeca Emerald® S intraoral scanner, the PlanMill® 35 chairside mill, and Romexis® CAD/CAM software. The Emerald S is a 3-in-1 intraoral device that can take digital impressions, intraoral photos, and has radiation-free caries detection using transillumination technology. All this functionality in one, high-performance scanner. The PlanMill® 35 chairside mill gives clinicians the versatility to mill zirconia, glass and hybrid ceramics, composites, and much more – and with incredible accuracy. Lastly, clinicians will appreciate our easy-to-use Romexis CAD/CAM module. Doctors can scan, design, and mill in minutes. If the office has a 3D printer, Romexis is an open platform and can export to that device, offering versatility in every component