M11 Steam Sterilizer

Midmark M11 Sterilizer

Midmark M11 Sterilizer 1


  • The Midmark M11 sterilizer has an intuitive display and simple prompts for easy operation.
  • Four pre-programmed sterilization cycles: Unwrapped, Pouched, Packs, and Handpieces.
  • Programmable controls allow you to change exposure time, temperature, dry time, and vent and store your changes if desired.
  • Steam-Flush Pressure Pulse Air Removal System designed to ensure proper steam penetration.
  • LCD display alerts the operator if the door is not closed completely or the reservoir water level is low.
  • Reservoir fill port and drain tube are located in the front of the unit for ease of draining and filling.


M11 Steam Sterilizer