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Since the 1980s when the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) mandated the use of gloves to protect healthcare providers from infectious diseases, the clinician has been challenged with finding the perfect glove. Beyond providing protection from blood-borne diseases the fit of examination gloves is of equal importance to the ergonomic health of dental professionals. Research has demonstrated that poorly fitting gloves can cause compression of the nerves and vessels leading to hand fatigue, reduced tactile sensitivity and dexterity1. This can cause less than ideal delivery of care as well as clinician discomfort. Additionally, research has demonstrated that musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are a significant occupational health issue for the dental profession, especially for dentists and dental hygienists.2 As a result, prevention is the key for maintaining ergonomic health and should start as early in one’s clinical career as possible. Choosing the right glove is essential in protecting the dental professional’s most valuable asset… their hands!


Evolving Technology: Inspire Nitrile

Don’t settle for just any glove! Cranberry USA offers a full range of nitrile gloves, with the most recent being Inspire TM, the fittest and lightest nitrile gloves yet! Inspire™ Nitrile gloves is the first 2.5 grams by weight launched in the dental market, allowing less constraint and more control with enhanced fingertip texture for superior tactile sensitivity. Its’ light weight lends to enhanced extension and flexion throughout the clinical procedure, while the lnSoft™ formulation provides increased comfort and performance by minimizing hand fatigue and facilitating superior grip no matter the condition.


Cranberry Inspire Nitrile Gloves


One Direction Towards Smart and Hygienic Dispensing

Inspire, packaged in the proprietary One Direction packaging, allows each glove to be dispensed by the cuff, minimizing direct skin contact with the finger and palm surfaces of the glove. This innovative packaging technology helps reduce the risk of cross contamination and facilitates the recommended donning procedures outlined by the World Health Organization3, which includes:

  1. Remove the glove from box.
  2. Touch only the inside of the wrist cuff and don.
  3. Take the 2nd glove with a bare hand by the inside wrist cuff and don.

As a healthcare professional, cross contamination is a critical concern that can occur due to inadequate glove dispensing and packaging design. Cranberry’s new One Direction packaging is tailored with a revolutionary smart dispensing mechanism.


1. The Dispensing System Packs Our Gloves in One Direction

Never Settle With Your Hands 3


2. Allows Easy Dispensing by the Cuff and Individually

Inspire smart dispensing system


3. Ensures That Glove Fingers and Palm Surface Do Not Have Direct Skin Contact During Donning Stage

Nitrile Efficient and Hygienic System


Inappropriate techniques for donning and removing may result in cross contamination and bacterial transmission. Through its unique packaging, One Direction significantly improves hygiene and efficiency.



Kristy Menage Bernie, RDH, MS, RYT

Kristy Menage Bernie, RDH, MS, RYT, is a registered yoga teacher and provides continuing education nationally on the topic of ergonomics as well as infection control. She is available to facilitate yoga sessions and continuing education sessions on a variety of topics. For more information visit 

Published in TIPSJanuary/February, 2020. Submitted by Cranberry.


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