2D Panoramic X-Ray

ProMax® S2/S3

Planmeca ProMax® S2/S3

Planmeca ProMax® S2 – The design and operating principles of the S2 x-rays are based on the latest scientific research, advanced technologies, and insight into the requirements of today’s maxillofacial radiology. The ProMax includes advanced panoramic radiography for specific diagnostics of the tooth arch, jaw, maxillary sinuses, and temporomandibular joints.

ProMax S2 3D Digital Panoramic

ProMax S2 2D Digital Pan/Ceph Complete (2 fixed sensors)


Planmeca ProMax® S3 – The S3 offers the flexibility to upgrade from your current imaging capabilities to software for optimal imaging workflow and provides cost-efficient imaging that can grow with your practice.

ProMax S3-2D Digital Panoramic

ProMax S3-2D Pan/Ceph Dual Sensor