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With all the choices for consumer devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets, have you ever purchased anything you couldn’t figure out how to integrate with your other devices, systems or software? Have you ever bought equipment for your practice that was difficult to get to work with your practice management or other software?

Proven Solutions Center staff work on Planmeca PlanMill 40S

Proven Solutions Center staff work on Planmeca PlanMill 40S

Burkhart recognized the impact technology integration was having on our clients and their practices. In some cases, the impact was positive, while other cases were disruptive. We realized helping our clients make more informed equipment purchase decisions and integrating technology successfully would not only decrease their frustration, but reduce their downtime and support their success.

Burkhart’s digital equipment testing and evaluation center in its Tacoma, Washington Corporate Office is called the Proven Solutions Center. In partnership with manufacturers, we test and evaluate digital dental equipment using key performance indicators.

Developing Proven Solutions Center Goals to Assist Clients

In developing the Proven Solutions Center, Burkhart wanted to accomplish three goals to assist clients:

  1. Determine whether certain types of equipment integrated well with other equipment and/or software
  2. Develop the knowledge and skills of Burkhart associates to be able to provide better client service
  3. Eventually work with manufacturers to develop a remote platform to resolve clients’ equipment issues in a more timely and cost-effective manner

Helping Clients Make More Informed Decisions

Another client benefit of Proven Solutions Center testing is providing our clients with more informed product purchases. “The Proven Solutions Center serves as a quality assurance function that supports our clients to ensure the quality and consistency of dental equipment we offer,” says Michael Norton, Burkhart’s Director of Equipment and Technology Sales. “We expect this will make practices more efficient, profitable and help doctors deliver a better patient experience,” he adds.

“Over the last couple years, the Proven Solutions Center has tested, evaluated and supported the launch of new technology products, as well as certified existing technology solutions, to ensure our clients have a positive practice experience with their technology purchase,” says Michael. Since its inception, the Proven Solutions Center has tested and evaluated digital equipment and technology for a variety of products such as, 3D cone beams, CAD/CAM systems, air compressors, sterilizers and 3D printers.

Certified  Product Examples

Burkhart has partnered with a handful of manufacturers to test their products. Evaluation typically takes 3-6 months. Examples of manufacturers with products that have been certified include: Planmeca (Emerald Scanner and PlanMill 40 S), Kavo Kerr (OP300 Panoramic CBCT), 3M (True Definition Scanner), PreXion (3D Excelsior CBCT), and SciCan (Statim G4).

“Not only do we test manufacturers’ equipment for our clients, but we also evaluate the equipment software and occasionally test how the software interfaces with other third-party software. We even determine what kind of support the manufacturers provide for a specific product,” says Chuck Greenfield, Corporate Service Support Manager. “We call them with product questions because we want to make sure there is a good support structure in place for our clients.”       

Creating “Consumer Reports” on Products

Director of Technical Services, Shannon Bruil, likens the Proven Solutions Center to providing internal “Consumer Reports.” “To help our clients, we have taken the ‘Consumer Report’ concept and applied it to our test center. We have come up with report cards on various products and how they perform.”

Helping Clients Avoid Costly Downtime

“We are excited to be working with manufacturers who are developing software and embedded sensors for their equipment to communicate and exchange data through the internet,” says Michael. Burkhart sees the opportunity to eventually serve clients remotely as the technology develops. “With this rapidly growing technology, we want to be able to better service equipment in a more predicted way for our clients. This will enable our service technicians to consistently show up with the right part at the right time which will help our clients avoid costly and disruptive downtime.”

Providing an “Exceptional Client Experience” to Support Client Success

One of Burkhart’s goals is to consistently provide an “Exceptional Client Experience” which means consistently delivering service that is impactful and valuable to our clients. We will continue to expand our reach with testing and evaluating equipment and technology our clients purchase to help them make more informed purchase decisions that will ultimately support their continued success.

“Nothing short of amazing”

Keith Huang
Vice President, Operations, PreXion, Inc.

“My experience working with the Burkhart team at the Proven Solutions Center was nothing short of amazing. As a manufacturer, we worked with the PSC to make sure our product met Burkhart’s expectations so there are no surprises down the road for our future mutual customers. The whole process of getting our product to the PSC, setting it up, evaluating and testing with Burkhart was a breeze. During the process, we learned what they liked and received suggestions as to what the market needs and wants. As a result, we were able to collaborate and work with Burkhart to make our product that much better and ready to launch.”

Proven Solutions Center

Learn More Burkhart’s Proven Solutions Center tests and evaluates digital dental equipment – find out what products we’ve supported on our Proven Solutions Center page.

Written by Denise Ploof
Photos by Matt Ellis


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