Nitrile gloves are a daily necessity in any medical environment.

However, many medical professionals have struggled to fulfill their supply since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Burkhart Dental Supply was able to donate 15 pallets of nitrile gloves — totaling more than 20,000 pounds — to Baja Bridges, a network of volunteers who provide necessary fire, EMT, and educational supplies to agencies and civil organizations in Baja, Mexico. Tawni Allen, Burkhart’s Private Label Coordinator, reached out to longtime friend and volunteer Nicole Cougher and asked if she knew an organization that could use extra gloves. Cougher, who had recently met Baja Bridges Executive Director Katherine Turner, immediately suggested the organization. This kicked off the huge feat of transporting 15 pallets of gloves out of state.

Burkhart Donates Gloves to Baja Bridges

Courtesy of Baja Bridges

“Moving more than 20,000 pounds of gloves from Tacoma, WA to San Diego, CA, and Yuma, AZ is no easy task. Getting all those gloves over the border and into the hands of the people that need them is even more difficult,” Cougher said.

The gloves will be spread throughout the West Coast and into Cabo San Lucas and Mexicali.

“All fire departments, hospitals, medical clinics, dental clinics, ambulances, doctors, cancer centers, veterinarians, spay and neuter clinics, dog rescues, etc! You name it, if they use gloves, they will be getting some of these,” Cougher said. “It takes a village to do something like this. We’re so grateful to Burkhart for this generous donation.”

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Written by Madison Miller

Published in CatalystQ2 2023.

Category: Giving Back

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