With inflation effectively increasing overhead and staffing shortages being a reality for the foreseeable future, your dental practice has two options: add additional procedures or become more efficient in your processes.

Incorporating CBCT imaging into your digital workflow will bring more treatment opportunities while enhancing your workflow and expanding your restorative mixture of services.

There is little dispute that CBCT provides superior anatomical imaging representation compared to 2D films. CBCT imaging is the most comprehensive tool for adding additional procedures and efficiencies by providing enhanced diagnostics that increase predictable outcomes. Additional procedures, especially those with higher profit margins, help practices fight inflation and counter rising overhead while providing needed treatment to patients in-house rather than referring and possibly delaying treatment.

According to the American Academy of Endodontics (AAE), 3D imaging identifies up to 40% more previously undetectable lesions.1 CBCT imaging empowers dentists to expand their scope of care to include implant planning and placement, endodontic treatment, extractions, airway evaluation, TMJ evaluation, and generally enhanced diagnostics.


  • Improves the patient experience, comfort, confidence, and trust. Patients can visualize their treatment plan, even when asymptomatic lesions are discovered. This fuels new patient referrals.
  • Supports expansion of restorative and surgical offerings through comprehensive diagnostics and more predictable outcomes, effectively increasing higher profit margin procedures through additional clinical growth opportunities.
  • CBCT images allow the general dentist to selectively determine if they are comfortable taking on a case in-house or prefer to refer.
  • Increases revenue without relying solely on increasing the number of new patients for growth.
  • Reduces barriers to care often associated with referring patients when in-house treatment is not an option.
  • Chair time is reduced as diagnostics improve.
  • Allows clinicians to review cases from anywhere at any time.
  • Enhances communication with labs and specialists.

Incorporating digital technology that improves case acceptance and expands the restorative mixture of services to include higher profit margin procedures while enriching the patient experience is just one way to enhance revenue. The trickle-down effect of enhanced technology as it relates to patient satisfaction and increased job satisfaction for the doctor and team cannot be understated. Low team morale with high turnover negatively impacts dental practices. Research shows that only 38% of departing employees said they saw professional and career growth opportunities.2 Investments in technology provide a healthy work culture and professional growth opportunities that contribute to increased employee retention, a critical factor in today’s economy.

How can CBCT imaging support your practice?  Reach out to your Burkhart Account Manager and Equipment Specialist team to review your return on investment (ROI) based on the procedures you provide.

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