We recognize that this time of year, Doctors look to reinvest in their practice to support goals for the following year, streamline systems, and take advantage of Section 179.

At the Practice Support Team, we are fielding a host of technology questions as doctors analyze budgets and return on investment projections. Read on for some of our top questions and answers.

The continued staffing shortage limits our ability to treat patients productively. What can I do to reduce chair time and increase staff efficiency?

Digital scanners, CBCT, and CAD/CAM systems are proven options to reduce chair time, provide more predictable results, and increase case acceptance. The patient no longer needs to make an effort to visualize as you explain the treatment, which shortens the presentation time while also showcasing the advanced technology you use for their care. “Today, I can complete a whole procedure — a single ceramic inlay, onlay, or crown in 50 to 90 minutes using a full chairside CAD/CAM system,” said Dr. Park, a member of the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs and chair of the ADA Standards Committee on Dental Products’ Subcommittee 9 on CAD/CAM in Dentistry. “I think this explains the impact of technological advances for practicing dentists. More than 95% of my fixed cases are fabricated in-house.” 1

I’m ready to incorporate CBCT technology; where can I access assistance with the integration?

The Practice Support Team can provide average fees in your area, proper code usage to maximize your reimbursement, and integration support with verbal scripting for your team as they incorporate your new technology.

What do you envision will be trends for technology over the next 3-5 years?

Leaders within the American Dental Association (ADA) and Associate for Dental Support Organizations (ADSO) shared their thoughts about what they envision for the future of dentistry in the next three to five years, noting that technology will continue to be a game changer, with greater use of CBCT scans and artificial intelligence that will help practices provide more efficient, patient-centric care. “The use of technology will show the need for ongoing treatments and how it will reduce the costs of healthcare overall,” Smith (ADSO) stated.2 Staffing shortages are expected to continue to plague the dental industry for years to come, which will drive the need for technological solutions to provide better care with fewer team members.

What are the advantages of purchasing my digital equipment from Burkhart?

Successfully incorporating equipment into your digital workflow goes beyond the initial purchase to encompass training, coding support, communication skills for your team members, and future service and repair considerations. Burkhart’s Equipment Specialists have the experience to help determine the ideal equipment to meet your long-range goals – and support you every step of the way. How well you are supported after your investment may be the most important factor when deciding where to purchase. Burkhart has been providing quality products and services for over a century and will walk alongside you during your technology journey to deliver quality patient care and improve efficiencies.

At the Practice Support Team, it is our pleasure to serve you – and help in your practice’s success. We are here when you need us and just an email away.


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