It can be incredibly overwhelming for a doctor considering a remodel or new build.

We asked Dr. Allen of Allen Dental Group in Eagle River, Alaska  to share his recommendations. 

Tips for Tackling a New Practice

Dr. Allen in his new location’s reception desk

  • Be very clear about your vision for the practice; the experience you want to provide to your patients before even considering a project of this nature.
  • Have buy-in from your team. I have such a strong team at our primary location.
  • Family support. Personally, having support from my wife was vital; she helped me with decision-making and perspective when stressed.
  • Look for a location that attracts your core patient. For me, it was families — lots of schools, grocery stores, medical, high traffic, and visibility, easy parking.
Converting a Car Wash into a Dental Practice

Allen Dental’s new office is in a high traffic area with lots of parking.

  • Be very clear with your design ideas but enlist the help of a professional interior designer to fine-tune them. You will have to adapt your vision to the available material and budget, but a good team (general, architect, engineers, design team) will be vital in finding alternatives that shine.
  • Form a bond early with Burkhart sales specialists — they are a vital link between you and your contractor when you are busy.
  • Work on your branding (logo, colors, design ideas) well in advance so you don’t compromise on the important things when you have the pressure to make decisions quickly during construction.

    Converting a Car Wash into a Dental Practice 1

    Allen Dental Group’s sleek branding featured on their business cards

  • No amount of planning can prepare for the unknown challenges but do as much planning as you can anyway.
  • Have enough cash reserves so you can cover cost overruns when they happen; be prepared to adapt the scope as needed.
  • Talk to an owner who has recently expanded their practice or build a building before moving forward as they can give you direct insight into things they would have done differently.
  • Form a relationship with your general contractor early on; get to know them by visiting other job sites; interview the superintendent because they will talk to you daily; be adaptable and don’t give up on your vision. 

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Converting a Car Wash into a Dental Practice 20

Written by Madison Miller

Published in CatalystQ3 2023.

Category: Practice Consulting

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