Dear Roxanne Padilla,

My name is Catherine Smith, DDS. I have been a Burkhart client for several years, have recently sold my practice and am continuing my journey in the Dental Customer Service Industry. Prior to moving in this direction, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and to recognize an outstanding team member of yours, Vasiliy Butok. I am so grateful for his contribution to our dental office over the last several years. Our previous experience with service technicians of other supply companies, unfortunately, was not a positive one. We often found ourselves frustrated with the resolution, or lack of resolution, of equipment repairs, the repeated visits, and costly bills. So, we were unsure of what to expect of the service specialists when we signed up with Burkhart.

Whenever we had equipment questions, we always felt we were getting the most honest and sound advice.

It has been such a pleasure to have Vasiliy there for us when we needed his expertise. We quickly came to the conclusion that, “We wish we would have known what we were missing before!” Vasiliy is an extremely knowledgeable and talented technician. Vasiliy consistently, efficiently and accurately repaired, installed and helped maintain our equipment over the years. It was common for him to give our projects forethought so he would be prepared prior to his arrival, which minimized repeat visits or interruptions in our busy schedule. And, when he was working in an operatory or anywhere in the office, he would work so efficiently and quietly we hardly knew he was there. Although, we found ourselves wanting to pop in and say, “Hi!”, as we so enjoyed our interactions with him. Not only is he talented with his projects, but he is a very kind, unassuming, very humble and trustworthy man. Whenever we had equipment questions, we always felt we were getting the most honest and sound advice.

Short of wearing a cape, Vasiliy has superpowers!

Not only do I think, “Short of wearing a cape, Vasiliy has superpowers! That guy can do just about anything! 😊 But he is a very good person with wonderful values, and we have been happy and proud to call him our Service Technician Superhero!”

Thank you for the opportunity and BIG Kudos to Vasiliy!


Forever Grateful,

Catherine Smith, DDS

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