Shout Out – Delaney Feagan 1

Big shout-out to Delaney Feagan in Customer Service.

She recently received the following praise from one of Burkhart’s clients, Willamette Dental Group:

Hi Dave and Bill,

We recently added Delaney Feagan, Burkhart Customer Service Representative, as a point of contact for all things Willamette Dental (alongside Nettie).

Delaney has proven to be efficient, timely, and effective! She goes above and beyond to ensure our clinics are being taken care of, orders are processed in a timely manner, always willing to assist/help, and she follows through with updates for our requests.

I wanted to ensure she was recognized for all of her hard work recently and how quick she was to adapt to our Willamette Dental clinics and our processes.

Thank you for having such a hard-working and dedicated employee to help service our clinics and ensure we stay running smoothly and efficiently! She has been wonderful to work with!

Thank you,

Trish Parnell, Buyer at Willamette Dental Group

Way to go Delaney. We appreciate all that you do to provide an exceptional client experience and are proud to have you on our Customer Service team. Thank you for all your hard work!


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