As equipment becomes more advanced, customer expectations grow.

Given how rapidly technology changes, it’s not easy for service technicians – or their dental customers – to stay current. But, stay current they must. “Our dental customers work hard to keep on top of the latest technology and the many advances in the industry,” says John Ternest, a Burkhart service technician with 13 years of experience in the company’s Northern Colorado territory. In turn, dental professionals expect their service technicians to be able to repair everything in their office, including high tech equipment, he points out.

Indeed, although some dental offices have been somewhat reluctant to adopt newer technology, many of his customers have embraced it, Ternest continues. For service techs, the challenge has been to keep up with dental software and integrate it with all types of equipment – a task that requires continuous hands-on field training.


The customer’s best interest

Together with his sales rep partners, Ternest works hard to keep his dental customers’ best interest in mind at all times. “Service techs and sales reps should touch base several times each week to discuss their clients’ needs and determine how to help them be successful,” he says, noting that a solid technician-rep relationship depends on good communication all around.

It should go without saying that transparency and honesty on the part of the service technician are the foundation of a trusting relationship with their dental practices. For instance, when a recent construction project became more challenging than expected, and Ternest realized his team was falling behind, he took extra measures to keep his customer informed and meet the original deadline. “We put in the extra time and effort that was required to complete the job on time,” he recalls. “In the end, the doctor was very appreciative that we were able to stay on schedule, thereby saving him a significant amount of money in interest on his construction loan.”


John Ternest, Service Technician, Burkhart

John Ternest, Service Technician, Burkhart

Our dental customers work hard to keep on top of the latest technology and the many advances in the industry.

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Published in First Impressions Magazine, October 2018


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