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Dr. Samantha Leatherwood – Supply Savings Guarantee

Dr. Samantha Leatherwood

Dr. Samantha Leatherwood graduated with Honors from Goldman School of Dental Medicine, at Boston University. She just celebrated the Grand Opening of her practice in Denton, Texas, where she provides compassionate, affordable care to patients.

She loves being able to improve patients’ lives by stopping pain, improving self-confidence, and restoring smiles. She teamed up with Colby Eldredge, a Burkhart Account Manager, to help take her practice to the next level with the Supply Savings Guarantee (SSG). 


What made you want to work with Burkhart? 

Being a privately owned and operated dental practice, I appreciate Burkhart is family owned and believe your company shares my business philosophy and core values.

My experience with Burkhart, from day one, has been a very professional one. You always go above and beyond for us—and provide excellent customer service.


What was attractive about Burkhart’s SSG? 

I was working with a different dental supply company, and pricing constantly changed. I did not feel they were focused on my practice’s long-term goals—or success. Burkhart’s SSG program makes good financial sense and clearly supports our success.


What do you find most valuable about the SSG program?

The SSG program takes the guesswork out and eliminates the need to track our supply overhead—so we can focus on what’s best for our patients.


How does your Burkhart Account Manager help you reach your goals as a dentist and business owner? 

Our Account Manager, Colby Eldredge, makes every effort to keep us up-to-date on different strategies and deals, which benefit our practice. He takes ownership, which is an amazing help for me—because I can delegate without worry.


How has the SSG helped your business? 

The SSG helps us maximize our purchasing power and grow the practice.


How does your Burkhart Account Manager help you and your team? 

Colby is focused on growing our practice’s profitability, and introduced us to the Burkhart Practice Support Team. He checks in with my team—to see if they are supported, or if they need anything.


What would you say to a doctor considering the SSG program? 

Do it! Burkhart is a great company, and the SSG program will help you stay on track.

Learn More Take the guesswork out of your supply savings. Burkhart’s Supply Savings Guarantee might be just the right option for you – visit our Supply Savings Guarantee page.


Written by Colby Eldredge, Burkhart Account Manager

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