The 3 R’s of Dental Marketing


Average attrition rates for practices have increased in the past year and are hovering in the 20% range.1 Your practice may be turning over 50% of your patient base every five years. Consistently scheduling two new patients per day per dentist is key to staying ahead of attrition and growing your dental practice. If your practice hasn’t fully embraced these three powerful marketing strategies, we encourage you to reassess your efforts.



77% of patients use online reviews to help them research and choose a dental practice.2 How does your online review profile stack up?

Google ‘dentist near me.’ Click on the ‘Maps’ section, and look at the review profiles of nearby competition. How your review profile measures up could either be fueling your new patient growth or hindering it. 

  • Ask patients personally for a review. Even if you’re sending review invitations automatically, a patient is more likely to complete a review if they’ve had a brief conversation about the review request.
  • Practice asking for reviews with your team. If the patient gives positive feedback, ask them if they would repeat it on Google, so other patients know what they can expect. 
  • Share received reviews at morning huddles. This is a great way to get the team motivated to ask for more reviews.
  • Ask for reviews on your practice’s social media. 



We know referrals are the least expensive and most successful marketing strategy available to your practice. So, why is it doctors often acknowledge a low rate of referral requests from themselves and the team? Perhaps because it requires confidence in your patient experience and confidence to ask.  

  • What is the share-worthy “wow” factor in your practice? Patients come into your practice at least 2-3x per year. Each time is an opportunity for a new “first impression.”  
  • Visual communication is 4x more effective and memorable − include a visual with your referral requests. 
  • Share successful scripting at a team meeting.
  • Target patients for referral requests at your morning huddle.
  • When new patients call the practice, ask, “Who else in your family may we schedule today?”


Rejuvenate Social Media

One of the biggest growth opportunities for your practice may be through social media that engages current and potential patients with timely, creative, and shareable content. 74% of consumers allow social media proof to influence their purchasing decisions3. Social media also proves to have a positive and measurable effect on new patient conversions.  

  • Create a balance of posts visitors to your page can engage with. 
  • Involve your patients. Post photos of them (with permission) along with honest compliments about them. Be sure to tag them too.  
  • Post at least 3x weekly – this shows that someone is in charge and available. Posting frequently favors Facebook and Instagram algorithms, which helps your online presence.
  • Send “after” photos to patients to post on their social media accounts. 


Review this list of suggestions with your team. Discuss which of these you can enhance and which you’ll implement in your practice. For more marketing information, reach out to the Practice Support Team or your Burkhart Account Manager.


Your success is our success. Please reach out to us anytime.
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