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OC Orthodontics has manufacturing roots as far back as 1963 when their founder began molding very complex parts that were impossible to produce with the conventional methods of the time.

After working for years with other companies, helping perfect the metal formula that would later become the standard for Metal Injection Molding (MIM), World Class Technology (OC’s parent company) was founded in 1991. They began manufacturing parts for many different industries including medical and aerospace but quickly realized their MIM process could create some of the highest quality parts the orthodontic industry had ever seen.


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Pitts21 – OC Orthodontics

The Pitts21 Self-Litigating Bracket System from OC Orthodontics created in collaboration with Dr. Tom Pitts.

Specializing in the proprietary process of metal injection molded components, World Class Technology began manufacturing brackets, buccal tubes, lingual buttons, and self-ligating bracket systems for some of the world’s largest orthodontic companies. This promptly made World Class Technology the leader in orthodontic production and new technologies.

In 2004, World Class Technology expanded operations and began selling directly to distributors and doctors under the OC Orthodontics name. The increased production led to a company-wide expansion with OC Orthodontics moving into a new 60,000 sq. ft. high-tech facility located in the heart of Oregon’s beautiful wine country.

Over the years, OC Orthodontics has matured quickly, exponentially growing each year since its inception. Today OC has a sales staff and distribution network in over 85 countries.


Dedication to Innovation

From their early beginnings to today, OC Orthodontics has been focused on arming the dental community with the tools and education needed to build and maintain thriving practices, exceeding clinical and practice management goals. They have been at the forefront of significant industry “firsts”— which include using metal injection molding in orthodontics, creating a square slot “3D control” bracket system, and offering proven products resulting in faster finishing, along with many other orthodontic solutions.

OC Orthodontics offers proven products for faster finishing, along with many other orthodontic solutions.

Their dedicated focus on vertical integration and commitment to excellence has given them the ability to have complete control of their product offerings. This consistency in service and simplicity in process allows the ability to take all of their customer’s needs into consideration and never compromise quality while still providing the best overall value.


Changing Lives with Extraordinary Results

One example of an extraordinary result comes from one of OC’s own employees, Hugo.


Introducing OC Orthodontics 1

Hugo, a graphic designer at OC Orthodontic and a patient of Dr. Pitts21


Hugo has worked for the company for many years and wasn’t sure if he, as an adult, wanted orthodontic treatment. Hugo works in the Marketing department of OC Orthodontics as a graphic designer and constantly witnessed amazing clinical outcomes, one after another, as he worked with “before and after” clinical whitepapers. He finally decided to take the leap of faith and got strapped up with the Pitts21 system. The results of the decision would change his life.


Introducing OC Orthodontics 4

Introducing OC Orthodontics 3

Ceph’s smile transformation with the Pitts21 System. Picture A is before treatment and Picture B. is after.


Within 18 months he went from a skeletal class III malocclusion to a Hollywood-ready smile. Results like this are very common with the Pitts21 system, as it quickly creates wide, beautiful 12 tooth smiles.

Introducing OC Orthodontics

X-rays of Ceph’s transformation with the Pitts21 System. Pictured left is before treatment and right is after.


OC Orthodontics is committed to developing products and services that exceed clinicians’ expectations across a wide spectrum of practice needs — from traditional to cutting-edge.

Expansive Product Portfolio

Proving their dedication to continually help improve practice efficiency and patient results, OC Orthodontics has spent a substantial amount of time refining manufacturing procedures to ensure that only top-of-the-line, high-quality products reach the clinician’s office. In addition, they have invested significant resources into engineering and new product development on key products clinicians have been asking the industry to develop. Furthermore, they have collaborated with well-respected, globally known doctors to provide input and guidance to their product development team.

One such globally known clinician is Dr. Tom Pitts. OC Orthodontics has worked with Dr. Pitts to develop the Pitts21 passive self-ligating system which has revolutionized self-ligating orthodontics with its proprietary square slot, 3D control, and faster finishing. Combined with OC’s broad, high-tech archwires and minimally invasive treatment protocols, the light-force system provides exceptional benefits for both doctor and patient.

Recognized for exceptional quality, versatility, and value, the industry is also rediscovering the dependability of OC Orthodontics’ mini-twin brackets. OC Orthodontics offers a comprehensive selection of brackets. These traditional appliances have served as the solid foundation of OC Orthodontics since the company’s inception. Priding themselves on offering a myriad of products to support the various treatment philosophies and mechanics of clinicians around the world, OC Orthodontics is dedicated to helping them give patients the smiles they deserve.


Looking Ahead

OC Orthodontics plans to continue to collaborate with progressive doctors, engineers, materials scientists, and universities to develop products and services that exceed clinicians’ expectations across a wide spectrum of practice needs — from traditional to cutting-edge. And with patient demand on the rise, clinicians can rely on OC, and their proven track record, to support clinical and practice management objectives.

Ligature ties from OC Orthodontics.

Ligature ties from OC Orthodontics.

Teaming Up Together

Burhart and OC Orthodontics are focused on providing the dental community with the tools and education needed to build and maintain thriving practices that exceed clinical and practice management goals. This strategic partnership will allow OC Orthodontics to bring their many orthodontic innovations to Burkhart, supporting their continual objective to provide their clients the best patient experience and clinical outcomes possible.




Written by OC Orthodontics.
Permission to publish provided by OC Orthodontics.
Photos courtesy of Dr. Tom Pitts.

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Published in Specialty Dentistry Promotion Guide 2021


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