TIPS Nov/Dec 2019 – Bone Regeneration: Building a Sound Foundation for a Restorative Solution

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Bone Regeneration: Building a Sound Foundation for a Restorative Solution


U.S. dentists are extracting a tooth from their patients’ mouths over 55 million times a year. Sometimes this is planned and other times it is a result of trauma. But what happens next and when might it happen?

Some patients may opt immediately for a bridge, a denture, or an implant supported crown. If these are chosen, you’ll need a solid foundation on which to build the restorative solution. Others may say they can’t afford the restorative procedure so the site may be left as-is for a period of time and the process of resorption begins, leading to loss of alveolar ridge height and width. But what if a few years down the line they decide they want and can now afford the restoration only to find they now need additional pricey, potentially painful and time consuming treatment to address the loss of needed bone structure.

Ridge augmentation procedures, initiated at the time of extraction, help to assure needed bone will be there to support both current and future restorative treatments. A variety of newer products on the market have increased the number of options available to dentists, including allograft, xenograft, synthetic and autograft solutions. They have also simplified the process of bone grafting by eliminating the need for membrane placement and flap surgery. These products make handling and placement of the material quick, easy, and nicely contoured to the treatment site. And more good news… the cost of these bone regeneration materials have dropped significantly!

If you haven’t recently considered including post-extraction ridge preservation as a standard of care in your practice, perhaps now is the time to take another look. Or, if you have been doing bone augmentation using expensive products from your implant provider, you may want to consider some of the equally good, but much more economical alternatives now available. Your Burkhart Account Manager can help you identify the right bone grafting materials and instruments for your practice.

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