Catalyst Fall/Winter 2018

Catalyst Fall/Winter 2018

Inside this edition of Catalyst – Fall/Winter 2018:

Leaving a Legacy of Giving

Dr. Travis Burkett of Drumright Dental takes giving back to the next level

Dr. Travis Burkett with Drumright Dental Center in Drumright, Oklahoma, enjoys restoring and preserving beautiful smiles in his hometown. But above all, he “wants to be known for being more than just a dentist,” he says. “I want to leave a legacy of giving. Anyone can do that―rich or poor―you don’t need any money to change someone’s life.” Do you agree? (Read more…)


Making First Impressions Count: Tips for Dental Practice Design

When it comes to a dental practice, first impressions matter. A patient’s first impression often determines what they think about the level of care they will receive and can dictate whether or not they decide to return to your office. (Read more…)


3D Printing & Dentistry

How can it benefit your dental practice?

You may be aware 3D printing is available for dentistry. Over the last few years clinical applications for 3D printing have increased and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Here are three key questions to help you understand the impact 3D printing is having on dentistry. (Read more…)


Digital Dentistry, 3D Printing and the Whole New World

The widespread use of dental 3D scanners and CAD/CAM treatment planning software has contributed to improved patient experience in dentistry. Broadly formed, digital dentistry consists of these two innovations in clinics and labs. Recent changes in the world of dentistry have argued that 3D printers can further improve this framework, closing the loop by offering affordable fabrication. 3D printing, in other words, offers an output step to the data capture and design component of digital dentistry via the printed dental appliance. (Read more…)


Five Reasons to Choose DEXIS CariVu™

When it comes to offering the best dental care for your patients, the first step is effective diagnosis. Technology today has advanced to where innovative tools, such as the DEXIS CariVu, can now allow dentists to “see through” a tooth’s structure using transillumination technology and no ionizing radiation. (Read more…)