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Staying in compliance with employment laws helps you prevent lawsuits and avoid expensive fines, fees, and penalties. It also helps build stronger relationships with your team members so your practice can operate at peak performance!


Build Legal Protections

Most employers know HR compliance can help prevent lawsuits. What many don’t realize is the average cost for an employment lawsuit is $250,000, and the average claim for back wages costs employers more than $1,100 per employee, before fines and penalties are even assessed.

Having a successful HR strategy — and access to experts who can support you when you need them — is an important foundational component of any business. Whether you take our word for it or wait to learn this lesson the hard way, when it comes to HR, what you don’t know can hurt you.


Reduce Stress

When you’re distracted, you can’t perform at your best. As a dentist, your margin for error when it comes to clinical work is extraordinarily thin.

Having reviewed and drafted thousands of custom employee handbooks for private dental practices, we’ve found the vast majority of practice owners have at least one compliance error on the books, whether they realize it or not. According to the IRS, an estimated 40 percent of businesses pay fines for payroll mistakes each year and more than 60 percent of wage and hour audits uncover costly employer violations.

Knowing you’re in compliance with the laws applying to your business alleviates the fear of the unknown, allowing you to focus on what matters most — your patients.


Build Trust With Your Team

As an employer, your employees expect you to know the laws and follow them. The discovery your business has been underpaying its team or failing to comply with employment laws can not only lead to costly lawsuits but will also lead to an inevitable decline in employee morale. Being HR compliant is step-one when it comes to employee engagement. When your team is happy, your business makes more money. Period.

Working with the HR professionals at CEDR HR Solutions helps you build protections for your business and keeps your team engaged so they can perform at their best. That’s why Burkhart has established a referral partnership with CEDR, which entitles Burkhart clients to a discount on CEDR’s services.

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