As 2018 rolls into the final quarter, we find many doctors are reviewing their vision and progress towards growth goals for 2019. How will you reach your dental practice goals for 2019?

For many of you, those changes will include adding treatments to your list of services. Adding new services is a great way to boost production, motivate team members and increase patient case acceptance.

Also, according to Charles Blair, there are three types of dentists:

  1. Refer‐O‐Dontist, generates 60 procedures
  2. Typical Dentist, generates 90 procedures
  3. Decathlon Dentist, generates 120 procedures

The number of discrete services can be easily determined by running a Report by Procedure Code for a 12-month period of time and adding up the number of codes processed, including hygiene codes. A high number of procedures can compensate for a less than stellar new patient flow. A low number of procedures will demand a much higher patient count to meet production goals. No one argues dentistry is a competitive field. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to limit services to only procedures the doctor enjoys or finds less stressful. For patients, the opportunity to complete treatment at one location, with consolidated billing under the care of the provider they trust, equates to higher case acceptance and happier patients.

Explore adding procedures such as mini-implants, implants, limited orthodontics, automated endodontics, whitening programs, sleep apnea treatment, TMD treatment and enhanced cosmetic procedures. Although this doesn’t eliminate the need to rely on trusted specialists; it keeps select cases in house. You won’t be the only one learning new skills. Your front office staff may need to become familiar with medical billing. The clinical team may need to enhance their verbal skills to help patients understand the value of higher fee treatment that typically requires an out-of-pocket expense. Often times additional services go outside of typical PPO plan reimbursements, leading to a higher potential fee for the dental practice.

An important first step when adding new treatment is to share your vision and 5-year growth plan with staff.

This helps the team understand the benefit additional in-house treatment will bring to both patients and the practice. It also helps staff understand how they can help meet practice goals. Integrate a staff training program to create a supported system for learning new skills.

Before 2018 comes to a close, review the Report by Procedure Code and identify which type of dentist you are……a refer-o-dontist, typical dentist or decathlon dentist? Where do you want to see your practice in 5 years? What services do you need to add to get there?

Burkhart has a vested interest in the success of our clients. The Practice Support Team can help you evaluate and integrate new services and equipment to reach your goals.

Your success is our success. Please reach out to us anytime.
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