Meet the Handpiece Repair Center

If you’re searching for exceptional handpiece repair services, you don’t have to look any further than the Burkhart Handpiece Repair Center (HRC). Housed in a corner of Burkhart’s corporate building, the HRC is staffed by a team of skilled technicians passionate about providing quality repair work.

Upon entering the HRC, you’ll find an eclectic mix of dental equipment, including a Statclave G4 and Statim 2000 for sterilization, a Midmark ultrasonic bath, a Dremel with cleaning brushes, and a Barr Instruments Steamer for cleaning, all sitting along a tidy countertop. Nearby, desktops with trays of tiny handpiece parts are being meticulously repaired. Steel racks occupy the center of the room, equipped with a well-organized work ticket system, and rows of small, labeled drawers filled with handpiece parts are neatly arranged by vendor along one wall.

The Handpiece Repair Center’s team is comprised of specially-trained technicians dedicated to ensuring that your handpieces are repaired to the highest standards. “We want to make sure the quality of your repair is as close to brand new as we can get,” says Lawrence Calbert, an HRC Technician. To achieve this, the team works closely with manufacturing partners to ensure they have the proper training and tools to repair your handpiece to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Eliminate Downtime & Frustration

The HRC also offers a wide variety of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and non-OEM repair parts options, which is a rarity in the industry. “Normally, you can either send your handpiece to the manufacturer to get it repaired with those manufactured parts or send it to a repair house to have it repaired with non-OEM parts. Here, we’re able to offer both instead of just one,” explains Ian Hanson, HRC Technician. Thanks to the training and parts available on-site, the HRC is proud to offer a quick turnaround time. “The turnaround time for handpiece repair, on average, is about five days from when we first receive your package to when we would expect to be able to ship it back out… that’s roughly how long it takes for dealers to get your handpiece to the manufacturer. So, in the time they take to get it to the manufacturer to ask them to repair it, we’re giving it back to you in the mail,” says Lawrence.

The process begins with custom Burkhart HRC Boxes, which include packing foam to protect your dental handpiece. Once the enclosed form is filled out, the box can be shipped using the provided prepaid shipping label. The HRC team will take care of the rest.

Once the handpiece arrives, it is sterilized and evaluated, and an estimate is created unless marked pre-approved on the form. After the handpiece repair has been approved, the handpiece is disassembled completely, internally cleaned, parts replaced as needed, and thoroughly tested.

Ian explains that he loves the diversity of the handpieces they work on. “We are receiving everything from W&H to NSK handpieces and everything in between. It’s always a new experience every day of what’s going to be in those boxes.”

Burkhart’s Handpiece Repair Center may be small, but it’s mighty. This dedicated team of technicians work tirelessly to ensure the entire repair process is as seamless and stress-free as possible.


Need to contact the Burkhart Handpiece Repair Center? Call 877.311.3856

Written by Dawn Kahl

Published in CatalystQ1 2024.

Category: Service

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