Branding your practice is an important consideration in your overall business success.

Dental Branding – which includes logos, images, fonts, colors, practice story, and more – all “speak” to potential patients. It’s imperative your brand quickly and effectively communicates who you are.


Brand Story

Everyone has a story and so do you. This story will help guide your marketing efforts and target the new patients you want to bring to your office. Answer these questions below in as much detail as possible to start building your story.

  • Who is your target patient?
  • What do you think they’d be looking for when they choose a dentist?
  • Why do they come to you as opposed to your competition?
  • What are a few adjectives that describe your practice? (family oriented, technically advanced, cosmetic based, etc.)



After you establish who you are, it’s time to tackle how you present yourself to the world. Your story will help guide this process as you work with a graphic designer. The designer will go through your story with you, look at logos/fonts you like and make recommendations on a logo that will best reflect your practice. Your logo should be used consistently across all materials, forms, business cards, website, clothing, etc.



After you tackle your story and your logo, it’s time to put it all together with a website. Think of your website as your online office front door. If you have a patient standing at your front door deciding if they want to open that door and see you, what do you want to say to them about your office and their upcoming experience?

Certainly you want to introduce them to the doctor and the staff, showcase your comfortable space, highlight your expertise, and let them know they are in good hands.


Need Help With Your Branding?

WEO Media helps hundreds of dentists throughout North America establish, relaunch, or clean up their brand and is an endorsed partner of Burkhart. To setup a FREE consultation, please email


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