A Chat With Danny Pecka Perry Burkhart, Jr. Award of Excellence 2023 Winner

Danny Pecka is not a big awards guy. It’s not what drives him. So, it was a big surprise when his name was announced for the Perry Burkhart, Jr. Award of Excellence.

“I definitely appreciate any award or even any encouragement that I get from any aspect of life, not just my job. But that’s an award that means more to me by far than any sales number that I’ve hit or qualifying mark on paper, because … I’ve always enjoyed that there is a value to those qualities that Perry (Burkhart) showed and that Lori (Burkhart) continues to show.”

“If you’re doing it for the recognition, I don’t think that exemplifies the character of the award. So it meant a ton. Because I do spend a lot of time and energy and emotion on my clients, (and) Burkhart in general.”


Danny says he is driven by helping others improve & positively impacting their lives.

He gets more satisfaction from seeing people win or be happy than from personal achievements or rewards. He is motivated by mutual success and seeing people come together.

“I love the new Account Managers that I get to just chat with during a training but more so after the trainings where we get to check-in with each other if they have a question.”

David Wolkenhauer, Burkhart’s Chief Revenue Officer (left), awards Danny Pecka, Account Manager (right) the Perry Burkhart, Jr. Award of Excellence on stage at the 2023 Annual Sales Meeting.


Here are the reasons Burkhart’s Business Developer Justin Felker nominated Danny and why he was awarded this honor:

“Danny does an exceptional job of mentoring new Account Managers and continually connects with them and teaches them. His dedication to helping them along their path at Burkhart is 2nd to none, and he truly is a servant leader in his dedication to this group. He is always willing to step up to the plate to help coach them on how to use Burkhart software, approach clients, compare products, or just handle the mental load when they’ve had a hard day. Danny is also leading the new Account Manager Resource Group, which is a chance for them all to connect quarterly and share wins and challenges.

At the end of the day, Danny was trained as a teacher, and he has that teaching compassion. He truly cares for these individuals, just as Perry did when he was running the company. Danny is the same type of person, and he does all of this while working hard in his territory and gaining Platinum-level success. This award is fitting for someone who exemplifies our values as a company: Integrity, Knowledge, Client Success!”

As Danny says, “If I can invest two hours or so a week or whatever the number is into multiple people and make them 50% or 20% more effective, that impact on the business side I think is wild… It is a little bit of time for people that need a little bit of time is wildly more beneficial for them and the company, then, oh, I need to go to 12 more offices this week…and maybe that’s not the right way to think. But I do think that way. And I think it’s part of the reason I do it, but I also just love seeing people win.”

About the Perry Burkhart, Jr. Award of Excellence

The Perry Burkhart, Jr. Award of Excellence was established in 2020 as the highest award at Burkhart. President Lori Burkhart Isbell grants this award every year, named in honor of her father and the company’s immediate past President.

To earn this award, a Burkhart Associate must exemplify distinction in their contributions, commitment, and achievement in the following categories:

  • Made a financial impact to the company’s bottom line
  • Modeled servant leadership
  • Encouraged a supportive and interactive work community

Previous award winners include Phil Salerno, Director of Equipment, Merchandise and Technology, in 2022 and Jennie McQuillan, Senior Compensation and Benefits Manager in 2021.


Written by Dawn Kahl

Published in CatalystQ1 2024.

Category: Burkhart Culture

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