The healthcare market is continually changing, and dentistry is no exception.

Practice owners are experiencing increased competition, lower reimbursement rates, higher overhead, incomes that may not have rebounded yet, and changing technologies. What to do?

Now more than ever, practices need a partner to support growth and long term practice success. Have you been taking advantage of Burkhart’s gift to your practice?

At Burkhart, we’re committed to your practice’s clinical AND business success. We understand the many challenges you may be encountering, and we are here to partner with you on solutions. As a Burkhart client, we can help support your practice through:

  • Evaluation of procedure coding
  • Staff & patient communication methods
  • Scheduling strategies
  • Strategic approaches to PPOs
  • Transition preparation support
  • Differentiating your practice
  • Best practices to ensure efficiency and growth
  • Many other resources

Why is this a gift from Burkhart? Because it comes at no charge to you! We don’t simply sell you merchandise and equipment, we look to use our 70+ years of clinical dental and business expertise to help you focus on action items to support the business of your practice. We know from experience these will not only positively impact your patients and your team, they will give you confidence your business is healthy and growing.


Our doctors and their teams can take advantage of our support in a number of ways:

  • Practice View– let us create a treatment plan for your practice
  • Phone/Email Hotline Support – got a question, need a resource? Reach out!
  • Webinars – short recordings filled with insight for your practice
  • Healthy Practice Email Newsletter – more strategies and insight to support your business. Subscribe today at

Dentistry may be changing, however, some things don’t change. Since 1888 Burkhart has been focused on dentists’ success. We look forward to supporting your practice.

“I can’t believe this service is free!”

Dr. Pete Olsen

It has been a game changer…I truly can’t express how great this has been for my practice. It has given me the tools to take both of my practices to the next level. Thank you Burkhart for having a people minded philosophy and taking care of your providers.

Practice Support & Consulting


Your success is our success. Please reach out to us anytime.
Learn more, visit the Practice Support Team page, call 1.800.665.5323 or email us at

Burkhart Dental Supply – Practice Support Team


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