One thing that stays constant is change — and there’s no exception when it comes to CDT codes!

The ADA’s Code Maintenance Committee met twice this year to approve changes and additions in light of the pandemic. Code revisions take place based on the best interests of the profession, patients, and payers. The most notable additions this year include specific codes for sleep apnea treatment.


Here’s What’s New for 2022

  • 16 new codes
  • 5 deleted codes
  • 13 revised codes

Keep in mind that a new or revised code does not dictate reimbursement from insurance providers. In fact, codes may be recognized but not reimbursed at all. Consider it a language of sorts that providers and insurance companies understand — it helps communicate the services provided in numerical terms.


Updating Your System Annually With Code Revisions

  • Helps clarify treatment for team members, patients, and third-party payers
  • Provides accurate estimates for your patient base
  • Enables proper reimbursement from third-party payers

Most carriers notify in-network providers of their requirements and reimbursement protocols prior to the end of the year.


We Encourage You to Follow a Four-Part Protocol Annually

  • Reach out to insurance companies you’re contracted with to review processing guidelines for upcoming changes
  • Meet with your team to discuss CDT changes and how their impact may shift chart note records, posting, and patient communication for the procedures you offer
  • Set fees for new codes
  • Remove deleted codes from your billing software



16 New Codes

D3911 Intraorifice barrier (not to be used as a final restoration)
D3921 Decoronation or submergence of an erupted tooth (intentional removal of coronal portion of tooth with preservation of the root)
D4322 Splint – intra-coronal; natural teeth or prosthetic crowns
D4323 Splint – extra-coronal; natural teeth or prosthetic crowns
D5227 Immediate maxillary partial denture – flexible base (includes clasps, rests, and teeth)
D5228 Immediate mandibular partial denture – flexible base (includes clasps, rests, and teeth)
D5725 Rebase hybrid prosthesis (to replace base material connected to framework)
D5765 Soft liner for complete or partial removable denture – indirect
D6198 Remove interim implant component
D7298 Removal of temporary anchorage device screw plate, requiring flap
D7299 Removal of temporary anchorage device, requiring flap
D7300 Removal of temporary anchorage device without flap
D9912 Pre-visit patient screening
D9947 Custom sleep apnea appliance fabrication and placement
D9948 Adjustment of custom sleep apnea appliance
D9949 Repair of custom sleep apnea appliance





5 Deleted Codes

D4320 See code D4322
D4321 See code D4323
D8050 See code D8010
D8060 See code D8020
D8690 Not replaced, deemed obsolete



13 Revised Codes

D0120 Language added “the findings are discussed with the patient”
D0180 Language added to include a mandatory oral cancer screening as part of the evaluation
D2971 Clarifies that D2971 reports the customization of a crown to fit under a partial denture framework and is reported along with the crown code
D4265 Clarifies that reporting for D4265 is done on a per site basis
D4276 Removed the word “double” from a pedicle graft
D6012 Removed language that implied the placement of an interim implant body for a transitional prosthesis does not necessarily require its removal during final restoration
D6051 Clarified that D6051 only reports the placement of the interim implant abutment and not the removal
D6100 Revision clarifies that the surgical removal of the implant body should be reported separately
D7292 Revision clarifies that D7292 reports just the placement, not the removal, of a temporary anchorage device
D7293 Revision clarifies that D7293 reports just the placement, not the removal, of a temporary anchorage device
D7294 Revision clarifies that D7294 reports just the placement, not the removal, of a temporary anchorage device
D9613 Revision clarifies therapeutic drug administration is reported per quadrant and not by single or multiple sites
D9997 Language added “or incapacitation” and “customized” to further clarify services provided for patients with special needs


Reach out to your Burkhart Account Manager or Burkhart’s Practice Support Team with your questions regarding changes in codes, coding strategies to maximize reimbursement, and analyzing managed care participation in your practice.


Your success is our success. Please reach out to us anytime.
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