CAD/CAM, a computer assisted design and manufacturing process, is quickly becoming an integral part of dental practices. Immediate benefits include higher control of restorations, streamlined workflow, lower overhead, and a higher case acceptance.

Control – CAD/CAM provides the doctor total control of the restoration process. In the case of a crown, they control both design and characterizations, from the start of prep to final cementation.

Streamlined Workflow – With the more efficient use of digital technology offering a more effective workflow, doctors and assistants can to take advantage of more break times to support higher production treatments and schedule more procedures. Assistants can take a greater role in the process, freeing up time for the doctor.


Here’s how we’ve seen the CAD/CAM crown process shift roles and responsibilities:

How CAD/CAM can Lower Overhead & Increase Case Acceptance Rates

Reduced Overhead – Bringing restorations in-house can reduce lab and impression costs. To create a crown you no longer need:

  • impression trays
  • impression materials
  • temporary crown and cement materials
  • lab fees
  • packing and shipping costs

Convenience – In an article featured in the New York Times, convenience was proposed as the most powerful force shaping American lives. The value of CAD/CAM for patients is completing treatment in a single visit. A single trip requires patients to reschedule activities, take time off work and even find child care. For patients who have to travel for an appointment, eliminating trips saves time and money.

Higher Case Acceptance Rates – Foregoing a temporary restoration also eliminates the possibility of it falling out. Case acceptance rates are naturally higher when the treatment proposed is easy to see and understand, convenient and accurate.

With all the benefits of CAD/CAM it’s difficult to imagine why a doctor would not want to invest in this technology. The most common concern is cost. According to Dr. Bicuspid, despite the upfront and annual cost, scanners still appear to save doctors time and money in the long run. Your tipping point to invest will depend on your volume of use.


Below is an example of the ROI of an in-office/same-day crown

How CAD/CAM can Lower Overhead & Increase Case Acceptance Rates 1

You may also be able to take advantage of certain tax benfits, such as the IRS’s Section 179.

Ultimately, CAD/CAM is an investment in your craft, staff, patients and business.

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