A Phoenix Bus Tour

Burkhart, in collaboration with six other local companies, recently hosted 14 dentists on a bus tour of four recently completed dental offices in North Scottsdale, Arizona.

Tour Bus used for the day

This event was created to give area dentists an idea of what was possible for their office expansions or new offices by touring some of the most recent dental offices completed in the area and connecting with some of the local leaders in the dental industry.

The group loads up from the Phoenix branch and heads out to their first stop of the day.

This incredible event began at the Burkhart Phoenix branch, where the tour began with each company having its local industry expert speak about its specialty and what it could offer. This included experts on commercial real estate (buying or leasing), banking and lending, dental equipment, digital technology, practice marketing, floor plans, dental office flow, and how Burkhart will be a partner throughout the entire process and beyond.

The tour group heading to the next practice

“The most impactful part was each of the key sponsors having 10 minutes before we started the bus tour to really explain why they’re the experts in their field. Where then, when we actually started the tour, the dentists knew what each of us specialized in. Then, they could ask us questions in the field or pull us aside and ask us private questions. So, I really think that helped to benefit these dentists.” Blake Vargo, Vice President of Bank of America, Practice Solutions – Dental.

Lunch served outside after the first office visit.

After the presentations, everyone boarded the black party bus and headed off to the first destination. At each office – all of which were closed for the day – one of the experts who had experience with that office would lead a tour. Guests were free to wander and ask questions.

At the end of the first office, lunch was set outside in tents. Then, it was back on the party bus and off to see the next office, only a few minutes away. This was repeated at each of the three offices. Details of how and why each dentist chose to do what they did and their vision for their office were discussed.


The group filing into an office.

Steve Anderson, President of DENCO Dental Construction, Inc., describes the event: “It opened the door to many personal conversations and camaraderie like I had not seen before. At each stop questions and insights were freely shared as we walked recently completed dental offices.”


Dave Rosas gives a tour of one of the inspirational dental offices.

One of these offices had the unique design of being attached to a flower-arranging school owned and operated by the dentist’s wife.” When you walk into the dental office off to the right, there is a door, and if you go through the door, It’s all flowers. It smells amazing. It looks amazing. You’re in another world. And wow, this is attached to the dental office?” –Dave Rosas, Equipment Specialist

Jeff Price of A-dec breaks down the benefits of an A-dec sterilization cabinet.

The time on the bus proved to be beneficial as well.” We made a point of shifting the seating at each stop as we got back on the bus to allow all of us to visit with different people. Having a party bus with seats around the perimeter inside made the trip less structured, opened conversations, and made it fun for all,” said Steve Anderson.

Open conversations on the bus between stops.

At the end of each stop, a gift bag was left as a token of gratitude for allowing the group to tour their practice.

After the tour concluded, the day ended back at the Burkhart branch, where the team remained available for questions and additional information. Plans are already underway for another bus tour next spring.


The event was co-hosted by A-dec, Bank of America, Denco, Dexis, Gile, and WestPac.



Written by Dawn Kahl

Published in CatalystQ3 2024.


Category: Office Planning & Design

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