Sisters Dr. Chanica and Dr. Charlene Veranunt own and operate 2 dental practices half a mile from each other.

Bright and welcoming reception area

What you notice first is the large round reception desk in the Robin’s Egg blue lobby, decorated with happy seasonal decorations and welcoming plant décor. Behind it is a large full plant wall with a neon sign declaring ‘Smiles Grow Here’. Patients walk past this wall to get to the dental chairs for their treatment, and it is often used as a photography backdrop for happy patients afterward.

Playful neon sign on plant wall creates the perfect backdrop for photos. It has become a signature in the practice’s social media

For infants under three years old, a serene baby room provides a warm, quiet environment. This thoughtful design ensures that even the youngest patients feel comfortable during their exams. The practice also boasts a playroom filled with toys and a mini kitchen. Surprisingly, even older kids enjoy playing there. The movie theater in the room, with its bright pink chairs, often takes a backseat to hands-on play. And even more plants and oversized flowers burst with life throughout the practice.

This is Bliss Pediatric Dentistry, a new cheerful and inviting practice owned and operated by Dr. Chanica Veranunt, and co-owned by her sister Dr. Charlene Veranunt.

The distinctive round reception desk


Bliss Pediatric Dentistry opened in 2023 with Dr. Chanica Veranunt’s clear vision: to create a welcoming space for children while providing exceptional dental care.

Dr. Veranunt’s upbringing was immersed in dentistry. Her mother, a general dentist, instilled a love for the field in both her and her sister (see Rooted in Family: Part 1). However, Dr. Veranunt initially hesitated, unsure if dentistry was her path. Shadowing experiences and exposure to the restaurant industry (thanks to her father’s business) helped to shape her perspective. She discovered that dentistry, like the restaurant industry, revolves around customer service — an aspect that resonated with her.

Children’s play area off the lobby

Dr. Veranunt attended Loma Linda University, a religious-based institution emphasizing service. Alongside her sister and brother-in-law (also dentists), she participated in weekly free clinics for the underserved. These experiences fueled her desire to make a difference beyond the clinic walls.

The 2017 Thailand Mission Trip team. Dr. Cervantes is top row, 3rd from left. Charlene is in the black shirt and Chanica is in the red shirt, both bottom row

The Veranunt family embarked on yearly dental mission trips, including one to Thailand, their ancestral home. These trips combined science, compassion, and artistry. Chanica can recall working with children during these missions, sparking her interest in pediatric dentistry.

Dr. Chanica Veranunt works on a young patient during her mission trip to Thailand.

After graduating from Loma Linda in 2019, Dr. Veranunt pursued a two-year residency in Houston. Her desire for autonomy and a unique practice philosophy led her to consider practice ownership. She wanted to treat patients her way, not beholden to any sort of large practice.

“I knew I wanted to have that type of autonomy where I could treat patients the way I wanted to versus whether or how somebody else wanted to run their practice.”

The open bay currently only has half of the planned chairs installed.


Once she was ready to design her office, her brother-in-law and sister helped guide her and recommended Burkhart. Durability and low maintenance were key factors, as was a practice design that included open bays, ideal for pediatric patients and families.

Currently, the practice operates with half of its planned chairs. Dr. Veranunt aims to eventually expand to fully utilize all available chair space, especially during the summer when school is out. With one front desk staff and one assistant, the team is small but dedicated. As patient flow increases, Dr. Veranunt plans to hire additional staff.

Dr. Veranunt’s practice has already gained traction within the community. Referrals from nearby practices — including Rosharon Family Dental — have been instrumental. Parents appreciate the convenience of having a pediatric dentist close by, eliminating the need for long drives. The practice aims to become an integral part of the community. Regular outreach to schools, parent groups, and local events will hopefully foster lasting relationships.

Floral and plant decor extends into every part of the practice.


“We hope to create that environment where everyone’s happy, loves doing what they’re doing. And we get to help the community with the kids.”

Parents consistently express gratitude for their child’s positive visits. Dr. Veranunt’s assistant, skilled with kids, ensures that even the most nervous patients feel at ease. Sitting in the chair, getting teeth cleaned, and taking X-rays are no longer daunting tasks.

The Carestream 2D Pano unit has the option of adding a Ceph module when the office is ready to incorporate orthodontics.

Looking toward the future, Dr. Veranunt envisions hiring an orthodontist. Many parents inquire about braces for their children. By integrating orthodontic services, the practice will be able to offer comprehensive care. Dr. Veranunt’s pursuit of knowledge includes courses on tongue ties and laser technology, with future plans to integrate this into treatments.

“We hope to grow, learn more things & expand what we can provide to our patients.”


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Written by Dawn Kahl

Published in CatalystQ3 2024.




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