In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented intelligence (AuI) will revolutionize dentistry.

DEXassist solution is available in DEXIS Imaging Suite through a direct integration with DTX Studio Clinic.

These technologies enhance various aspects of patient care, and many dental practices have already embraced them. In an FDA trial, the number of missed caries was 43% lower for dentists using AI technology, with a 15% reduction in erroneous detections.

AI is going to have an enormous impact on the dental industry in the coming years. I believe the most significant advancements we will see in the short term will be related to aiding in diagnostics and business efficiencies.” -Joe Erbaugh, Burkhart Corporate Technology Specialist.


Understanding the Basics

Artificial intelligence refers to technology that enables computers and machines to simulate human intelligence and problem-solving capabilities. Examples include Siri, smartphones, self-driving cars, facial recognition, chatbots, and fraud detection. Augmented Intelligence (AuI) combines machine capabilities with human intelligence, emphasizing collaboration rather than replacement.


Applications in Dentistry:

Precise Dental Imaging Annotations

AI and AuI algorithms can analyze dental images (such as radiographs and intraoral scans) to assist dentists in detecting and diagnosing oral diseases with greater accuracy and efficiency, leading to early detection and improved patient outcomes. AI processes large data volumes swiftly, saving valuable time during patient exams and aiding in identifying subtle oral conditions that may be difficult to detect with the human eye. AI also enhances consistency across dental practices and multiple providers.


Advancements in Periodontal Disease Detection

AI effectively annotates dental radiographs, meticulously noting clinical attachment loss in millimeters. AI-enabled tools can analyze clinical data and patient history to identify potential risk factors aiding in early diagnosis. Incredible efficiency lies in AI algorithms sifting through vast data volumes, pinpointing specific patterns for risk factors that bolster dentists during diagnosis, leading to tailored patient care. As a bonus, the patient can “see” color-coded annotations on their films, gaining a clearer understanding of the extent of their periodontal condition within minutes.


Treatment Planning Made Smarter

AI-powered software analyzes digital impressions and records to aid orthodontic treatment planning and timing. In general dentistry, patients benefit from early detection, leading to more conservative, longer-lasting, and effective restorative treatments. These tools provide insights to dentists as they create customized treatment plans, optimizing patient care.


Enhanced Case Acceptance

Valuable time can be saved during case presentation as radiographs and intra-oral scans are annotated and easily interpreted by patients. Clinical staff no longer need to provide a “mini-lesson” in radiographic interpretation while patients grasp conditions more intuitively. This aspect of AI could be one of the greatest time savers in clinical chair-time management and case acceptance.


Efficient Appointment Management

AI systems optimize online scheduling, considering case complexity and medical history. Patients benefit from 24/7 online booking availability, while AI reduces overbooking and gaps. Automated reminders and notifications minimize no-shows and last-minute cancellations, allowing dental team members to focus on additional practice needs.


Tailored Patient Communication

AI can precisely target educational content and information based on individual patients’ oral healthcare needs. Additionally, AI technology can seamlessly switch between different languages, catering to a diverse patient base and generating more referrals.


Administrative Efficiency

AI provides valuable administrative support. Regarding billing, AI ensures clean claims by identifying necessary attachments and narratives. AI can streamline the billing process, benefiting the entire team.

If you are ready to explore how AI and AuI can optimize your practice, contact our team, and we will connect you with one of our technology experts.


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