• Act as a knowledgeable and reliable resource
    We are well-trained in clinical procedures, dental materials, equipment and in the business of dentistry. We call on your office regularly to make things easier for you.
  • Provide a full range of products that are delivered quickly
    We represent all major brands, and our fill rates are 99.1% with distribution centers located in Tacoma, Washington, Dallas, Texas and Reno, Nevada. 
  • Work to make YOUR job easier
    We take care of placing the order, processing coupons, ordering direct-only items, handling credits, helping with inventory management and suggesting products to lower your costs. By doing these things for you, we free up time for your staff to focus on the patient experience and filling the clinical schedule, rather than ordering and managing supplies.
  • Be accountable for controlling your costs
    We are the only company to give a written guarantee to lower your costs for dental supplies and have been counted on to provide this service for more than 30 years.