Soluria Smilesaver

Soluria Smilesaver


If your patients wear aligners, retainers, mouthguards, or dentures, oral hygiene starts with Smilesaver® 

  • Works in 30 seconds
  • No scrubbing, rinsing or soaking required
  • Zero sugar, zero alcohol, zero preservatives
  • Only natural flavors
  • No warning labels or harmful chemicals


Smilesaver is has partnered with Burkhart Dental Supply to provide complimentary samples to your oral appliance patients. During Burkhart’s Summer Extravaganza, get a Free Sample Pack with the purchase of a splint resin, nightguard resin, or new Smilers case. 1 Sample pack per practice. 

SKU/Item Numer Variants
73900002 Type: Smilesaver 1 oz Patient Samples
Qty: 100
73900003 Type: Smilesaver 1 oz Patient Samples Mini Box
Qty: 25
73900001 Type: Smilesaver 1/4 oz Patient Samples Mini Box
Qty: 100
73900004 Type: Smilesaver 8 oz Chairside Pump Bottle
Qty: 4
73900000 Type: Smilesaver Professional Starter Kit