Strong Systems Quiz

Gear Up For 2024 With Our Strong Systems Quiz

Practice Support Team (PST) had open and honest conversations with doctors and office managers from hundreds of practices who called our hotline, emailed us, or completed an Analysis with Burkhart last year. We found every practice unique with its own personality, and blend of strengths and weaknesses. This is especially true as inflation, staffing shortages, and stagnant PPO contracted fees impact practices.

There are twelve characteristics we see in practically every highly successful practice we have worked with over the years. These characteristics stand out further in practices experiencing robust growth – even with inflation’s headwinds. Improve these systems and you will improve outcomes for your patients, your practice, your team, your profitability, and your enjoyment in 2024!

The best news? PST has specific, complimentary support and resources to help you address all of these crucial components.

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