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Pandemic Recovery Guide


You know you’ll need to make some adjustments in your scheduling. We’ve outlined some helpful tips to make this task easier. We don’t want to make this sound simple, we do know this change will take some adapting.


Soft Re-Opening of Your Dental Practice


Clinic Scheduling

  • Stagger Ops, when possible, using every other Op rather than side-by-side Ops, to reduce the aerosol impact. This is particularly important with open-bay treatment areas. This may require moving pre-scheduled patient appointments to meet this requirement.
  • Stagger patient appointments to avoid a line forming at the front desk/checkout area or the potential for a group of people forming in the reception area.
  • Add time to appointments to allow for heightened sterilization protocols (additional 10-20 minutes, depending on changes)
  • Prioritize scheduling patients based on the following criteria:
    • Those who were re-scheduled more than once
    • Those overdue for SRP and periodontal maintenance procedures (especially those with underlying conditions)
    • Those with treatment in process (temporaries, etc.)
    • Patients reporting discomfort
    • Higher fee services to infuse cash flow back into the practice quickly


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