Pandemic Recovery Guide


You know you’ll need to make some adjustments in your scheduling. We’ve outlined some helpful tips to make this task easier. We don’t want to make this sound simple, we do know this change will take some adapting.


Hygiene Scheduling Options

Selecting a scheduling model that is right for your practice will depend on operatory availability, staffing availability, flexibility within the team, and the doctor’s hygiene philosophy and goals. In some cases, incorporating more than one scheduling philosophy is appropriate to meet demand. Read more…


Scheduling for Success

Local government restrictions, general fear for personal safety, or a lack of value placed on oral health may be creating a new challenge – keeping the schedule full as the number of last-minute cancellations and no-show appointments grow. Taking proactive steps to fill your schedule will help the practice recover more fully from the losses incurred due to COVID-19. Read more…


Re-Opening Your Dental Practice

You made the difficult decision to close your practice in light of COVID-19 concerns to protect your staff, patients, and yourself. Re-opening the practice carries an equal burden as you weigh state mandates, the level of infection in your area, and the health of your dental team and community at large. Basic recommendations on staggering ops, patient appointments, and timing are covered in this section. Read more…

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