Front Office Systems

Constructing Zone Scheduling

Zone Scheduling is a strategic method to balance patient flow and production to provide consistently-paced days.


Start with several days of the schedule, considering patient flow and organization. Use these previous schedules as models to create consistent days, minimizing the ‘too-full’ and ‘empty’ days creating stress. Schedule days so longer, more productive treatment is scheduled in the morning – like hygiene SRP (periodontal therapy) and periodontal maintenance (D4910) appointments. Often, these patients don’t require an exam, allowing the Doctor to focus on restorative patients. They should have enough time to start and finish treatment, with minimal distractions. Consider timing restorative procedures allowing for hygiene exams at a convenient time during the restorative procedure.




Restorative Appointments

Schedule ‘Rock’ (High-Production)

Multiple Unit Crown & Bridge

Quadrant Dentistry

Cosmetic Procedures (Including Orthodontic Starts)

Multiple Units of Composite/Resin




Hygiene Appointments

Schedule High-Production 

New Patients

Periodontal Therapy (D4341 & D4342)

Periodontal Maintenance (D4910)




Restorative Procedures

Schedule ‘Sand & Water’ (Low-Production)


Single-Unit Crowns



Crown or Veneer Seats

Prosthetics Delivery

Oral Surgery




Hygiene Procedures

Schedule ‘Sand & Water’ (Low-Production)

Recare (D1110)

Pediatric Prophies

Tissue Checks




Patient Flow & Zone Scheduling


Front office staff can use the mornings, which will have more uninterrupted time, for accounts receivable, insurance follow-up, recare follow-up, confirmation calls, and other tasks.

Because the hygiene schedule is usually scheduled six months out, work towards creating Zone Scheduling. Initially, template one ‘rock’ appointment each day in hygiene for perio therapy or for a new patient appointment. If not filled one or two days ahead of time, use the ‘quick-call list’ to fill it.



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