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Guaranteed supply savings. A credit if we don’t reduce your costs.

What’s not to love? Take a peek at what some of our doctors have said about the Burkhart Supply Savings Guarantee.


Dr. Samantha Leatherwood of Denton, TX

The SSG program takes the guesswork out and eliminates the need to track our supply overhead—so we can focus on what’s best for our patients.

Lauren Engles of Bixby, OK

We went into the SSG thinking, ‘We’ll give it a shot. We can’t lose anything.’…Burkhart has been great to work with and the SSG has gone better than expected. We have saved a lot of money and become more efficient. I would tell other offices considering the SSG to give it a try. You can’t lose!

Dr. Cynthia Leong of Glendale, AZ

With honesty and integrity, Burkhart guarantees to lower our cost while having accountability measures in place. We don’t have to ask our team to focus on a number or budget. It would take a lot of additional time and drive our assistants crazy to keep track of the savings percentage; which is definitely not a good use of their time… If any office has further questions, they can contact us about our experience.


Learn More Burkhart’s Supply Savings Guarantee might be just the right option for you – visit our Supply Savings Guarantee page.



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